Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Gay Rights Movement

I am not a second class citizen! No one should ever have to feel that their rights are being marginalized due to their sexuality.


  1. In such a confusing world as we live in, is it right to close your eyes to the truth about your sexuality? Yes, we are born to be who we are, but we are in essence a fallen people whose lusts and desires complicate what is essentially an innocent emotion. Love in it's very nature is a beautiful state, but humanities mind has been held in darkness for so long, we have lost our way. Do we not, as one people, show respect and love and forgiveness to each other, yet refuse to hold the hand of the devil, but embrace God and all that He stands for. People say that we, as Christians have lost the plot. I disagree. Is confusion such a good experience? I once was confused about my sexuality, now I'm just confused with the world for accepting a behaviour which goes against all that truth and righteousness stand for. Love is not a closet thing. Love is an open expression between peoples of all nations that we, as a society must achieve, without giving ourselves over to immoral practices.

  2. This is such an emotional video! Love it!