Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year. New Beginnings.

First, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! My hope is that this year will be the best year for everyone in their lives so far!!!

It's crazy how much time flies by when I am on break! I mean with Christmas, New Years and now I am moving back to school on Saturday...I can't believe how crazy this break has been so far. I don't think I am the only one either, so I am anticipating hearing from some of my friends when I get back.

New Years Eve

This NYE was really special for me. It was the first NYE that I spent outside of my home. This year, my old church youth group decided to go to a party at a small college town together. Now I don't go to see most of them during the year because we all go to different colleges. However, over break, since everyone was at home, we all agreed that it would be awesome to spend the holidays together. Yet, of course, things are not always so simple.

So being at college, like most people, I can admit that I have experimented with underage drinking. Although I am planning on staying sober from now until my 21st, I didn't think much of drinking alcohol with some of my oldest friends. Well, that didn't fly with my older brother. I know, he wants to be the protective sibling, but you have to realize that he and I are only a year and two months apart. The same can be said of our younger brother.

So basically, the three of us have grown up together and have been through life at roughly the same age. Therefore, when my older brother started to lecture me on my intention for drinking with our friends (of whom, he is the only legal one) I got annoyed. But hesitations aside, we all went out together and each of us had a good time.

Until we got back to our friends apartment. I had managed to acquire a bottle of Burnett's, which tasted horrible without a chaser. But we all decided to have a more intimate after party at our friend's place. Well, mostly all we did was dance a little and talked. But whenever alcohol is involved, there can be some crazy things learned about other people.

For example, I found out that BOTH of my brothers have already lost their virginities. I also found out that my little brother has blacked out once before. Not to mention that neither had bothered to tell me about this until that night. But it just goes to show, just how much we have grown apart. Each of us attend different colleges, one is even out of state. So maybe I shouldn't be surprised, but I couldn't help feeling that so much has changed from what I thought I knew.

But then again, it was for the best. Now I have had an honest and open discussion with my older brother about all of this and I plan to do so with my younger brother as well. Hopefully, with this new year, our relationships will change for the better.

Finally, I will end this long post with some good news. While at the New Years party, I came out to another friend of mine that night. I had my best friend with me, which made it all the more easier. He took it very well and said that all he wanted for me was to be happy. Of course, he was telling everyone that they should be happy, but he told me first so I will take it. I will be seeing him later tonight as the same friends are all having  a game night. This should be really interesting.

Thanks again for all the comments on my last post! I appreciate the support you guys give me and the stories you all share!